Toddler Tula mini-shoot

Anyone who has been watching my photography will know that I’m very keen on capturing babywearing images. In fact, when I first set myself up as a ‘proper’ photographer (I’d always been taking pictures, mind you) my dream was to offer babywearing portraiture. I know how important – and special – slings become to parents and their children – after all, I’ve pretty much had a baby or toddler strapped to me for the last five years as well. It is SO much more than a means of transport. It enables a connection, heart to heart, a place of safety, of intimacy, of interaction and interest, joy and humour, and reassurance, of rest and calm. Can you tell it’s hard to put into words.  There aren’t enough adjectives!  Something this special shouldn’t be left to occasional blurry selfies. These are the photos that we’ll want to look back on in 30 years and be transported to those feelings, those memories.

Yet – in the process of developing my photography, I’ve taken fewer pictures of my own loved ones. Here’s a very mini shoot to slightly redress the balance.  The light on Saturday evening was so clear and soft yet with August here it is already fading fast.


L-2 L-4


L-6 L-8 L-7