Family shoot with Laura and James

Here we are at home with Laura, James and their beautiful children for a relaxed family photoshoot.  Play time with this family was such fun that I had to keep remembering to take the pictures…..  Enjoy!

Laura and James-1

 Laura and James-24 Laura and James-6 Laura and James-16 Laura and James-3 Laura and James-18 Laura and James-4Laura and James-5

Laura and James-2 Laura and James-26 Laura and James-11

Laura and James-9

 Laura and James-10

Laura and James-7

Laura and James-13 Laura and James-15 Laura and James-14

Laura and James-30 Laura and James-20 Laura and James-29

Laura and James-17

Laura and James-28 Laura and James-27Laura and James-21

Laura and James-22

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