City shoot with Sheffield Sling Surgery

I’m proud to be the official photographer for the Sheffield Sling Surgery, and have been collaborating with Dr Rosie Knowles all year on images that celebrate and promote babywearing in Sheffield.  As a parent and long-time sling user (must get my mum to dig out the photos of me in my own sling circa 1981!) I feel a great sense of fulfillment in taking these photos, and reflecting a small part of the diversity that makes this wonderful city called Sheffield.  I would like to thank all of my gorgeous models once again for their time, energy and good humour on this shoot – I hope you love your images as much as I do.  Readers, please note – not one baby cried at any point in the whole afternoon – think the slings were working their magic! 🙂

All images taken on location around Sheffield City Centre, Kelham Island and the Millennium Gallery, courtesy Museums Sheffield

Here we are getting set and hoping the rain will hold off…


steph-oliver-beech-photography-sheffield-sling-surgery-city-shoot-1 steph-oliver-beech-photography-sheffield-sling-surgery-city-shoot-9 steph-oliver-beech-photography-sheffield-sling-surgery-city-shoot-8

steph-oliver-beech-photography-sheffield-sling-surgery-city-shoot-5 steph-oliver-beech-photography-sheffield-sling-surgery-city-shoot-7

steph-oliver-beech-photography-sheffield-sling-surgery-city-shoot-6 steph-oliver-beech-photography-sheffield-sling-surgery-city-shoot-4

I can’t give you all the reasons why slings are great – other people write whole books on the subject (Rosie…!) – but the photos above and below show you two pretty good ones – hugging both your children at once, and having your hands free to write with ease! 🙂


steph-oliver-beech-photography-sheffield-sling-surgery-city-shoot-9 steph-oliver-beech-photography-sheffield-sling-surgery-city-shoot-10

steph-oliver-beech-photography-sheffield-sling-surgery-city-shoot-11 steph-oliver-beech-photography-sheffield-sling-surgery-city-shoot-13

I can’t tell you how much I love these next images of this young Sheffield family.




steph-oliver-beech-photography-sheffield-sling-surgery-city-shoot-18 steph-oliver-beech-photography-sheffield-sling-surgery-city-shoot-17 steph-oliver-beech-photography-sheffield-sling-surgery-city-shoot-16



Rosie listening to her daughter – isn’t this sweet?


I learned these guys live just up the road from me – Sheffield the city-village again! Road-testing a new sling in the surgery here…

steph-oliver-beech-photography-sheffield-sling-surgery-city-shoot-27 steph-oliver-beech-photography-sheffield-sling-surgery-city-shoot-29


This little guy loves the camera!  Here he is getting tucked into the faithful Connecta with Daddy 🙂


steph-oliver-beech-photography-sheffield-sling-surgery-city-shoot-31 steph-oliver-beech-photography-sheffield-sling-surgery-city-shoot-32


steph-oliver-beech-photography-sheffield-sling-surgery-city-shoot-22 steph-oliver-beech-photography-sheffield-sling-surgery-city-shoot-34 steph-oliver-beech-photography-sheffield-sling-surgery-city-shoot-23

Feeding on the go….


steph-oliver-beech-photography-sheffield-sling-surgery-city-shoot-36 steph-oliver-beech-photography-sheffield-sling-surgery-city-shoot-38


steph-oliver-beech-photography-sheffield-sling-surgery-city-shoot-43 steph-oliver-beech-photography-sheffield-sling-surgery-city-shoot-40 steph-oliver-beech-photography-sheffield-sling-surgery-city-shoot-44


steph-oliver-beech-photography-sheffield-sling-surgery-city-shoot-45 steph-oliver-beech-photography-sheffield-sling-surgery-city-shoot-46 steph-oliver-beech-photography-sheffield-sling-surgery-city-shoot-51

steph-oliver-beech-photography-sheffield-sling-surgery-city-shoot-47 steph-oliver-beech-photography-sheffield-sling-surgery-city-shoot-48

Escalators…? Say no more!

steph-oliver-beech-photography-sheffield-sling-surgery-city-shoot-49 steph-oliver-beech-photography-sheffield-sling-surgery-city-shoot-42

Ditto steps and umbrellas….!  Ever tried wrestling with a pushchair up a flight of steps in the rain?  Say no more!

steph-oliver-beech-photography-sheffield-sling-surgery-city-shoot-50 steph-oliver-beech-photography-sheffield-sling-surgery-city-shoot-54 steph-oliver-beech-photography-sheffield-sling-surgery-city-shoot-55 steph-oliver-beech-photography-sheffield-sling-surgery-city-shoot-58

These expressions are all natural – round about this point we realised a huge thunderstorm was approaching!


steph-oliver-beech-photography-sheffield-sling-surgery-city-shoot-56 steph-oliver-beech-photography-sheffield-sling-surgery-city-shoot-52 steph-oliver-beech-photography-sheffield-sling-surgery-city-shoot-53

Just enough time to say bye to everyone before the heavens opened.

steph-oliver-beech-photography-sheffield-sling-surgery-city-shoot-60 steph-oliver-beech-photography-sheffield-sling-surgery-city-shoot-59

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Amy’s celebratory shoot

I can’t tell you how much fun we had on this shoot… but I have the scars to prove it! (Note to self: stop climbing mountains in inappropriate footwear, and remember that dried bracken is sharper than it looks)


Amy wanted this shoot to mark her brilliant achievement of reaching target weight, after a year of dedication and determination.  Amy and I are neighbours and I have seen her progressing on this journey, day in, day out, and been completely inspired.  In losing so much weight, Amy has given herself the priceless gift of good health, fitness and overall wellbeing.  [At this point, I should say I am not in any way sponsored by or associated with Slimming World, but Amy seems to be living proof that the method works!]

Amy is a beautiful woman through and through, and I am delighted to have captured photographs that truly show how stunning she is, and which I hope will further boost her confidence and self-belief for the future.

Shot on location at Woodhouse and Handsworth in Sheffield and the Longshaw Estate, Derbyshire.


A-5 A-8


A-9 A-2


A-12 A-14

A-17  A-13


A-20 A-22

A-21 A-23



Janine Dyer

Thrilled to be able to share these pictures of my gorgeous friend – and gospel singer par excellence – Janine Dyer.  If you don’t recognise her yet, it won’t be long before you do… she is a contestant on BBC One’s The Voice 2016 and I have every faith she can go all the way!  Switch on this coming Saturday, 16 January, to catch her first audition… Meanwhile, I’ve been lucky enough to sing with Janine on her Sheffield Community Choir for a couple of years, so I knew we’d have a laugh on this shoot and I was anticipating some great images to come from it.  I wasn’t wrong.  You’ll see that Janine was a really good sport, and is incredibly photogenic and natural in front of the camera.  It was a blessing to work with her and bring you these beautiful shots of a truly fabulous lady!

Images taken on location at one of my favourite places in this city, The Millennium Gallery, courtesy of Museums Sheffield …. with a few at my old piano at home.  Watch out for the dodgy keys Janine!

Starting off inside the Millennium Gallery, home to great art, craft and design right in the redeveloped heart of Sheffield.

Janine-5  Janine-3

Janine-8 Janine-24 Janine-29

These escalators are nothing like the London Underground… No need to keep to the right up here love!

Janine-33 Janine-34

Here is one of my absolute favourites…. Being a January afternoon in Yorkshire, it was pretty much raining, but we found enough shelter and wonderful wistful light for a stunning portrait.


Janine-14 Janine-11

Back to mine for a much-needed brew, a chocolate biscuit or two and a little go on the piano…

Janine-48 Janine-55

Janine, wishing you all the luck in this world and beyond – and if you ever need a slightly-out-of-tune piano to practice on, you know where to come! 😀