First birthday photoshoot

I joined this sweet family on the eve of their baby’s first birthday…Adorable doesn’t even begin to describe this girl!  They had been given a gift voucher as a present and I was so pleased to meet them on this visit to Sheffield.  Hope the birthday celebrations were as special as the birthday girl herself 🙂 Here are a few of my favourite shots from our little get together.

First up, playtime with balloons – there is simply nothing better when you’re 364 days old!




The weather was kind to us so we took a little stroll… And got some cute pictures of her longest walk!


steph-oliver-beech-photography-nov-2016-9 steph-oliver-beech-photography-nov-2016-10

steph-oliver-beech-photography-nov-2016-7 steph-oliver-beech-photography-nov-2016-11 steph-oliver-beech-photography-nov-2016-5

Then back to base for Sunday dinner and cuddles with special people.  And, no doubt, more balloons!


steph-oliver-beech-photography-nov-2016-15 steph-oliver-beech-photography-nov-2016-13

Late summer in Sheffield Botanical Gardens

Rewind to September, take back those autumn leaves, lets have some late-summer colour!

This gorgeous family wanted some photographs to mark their littlest girl’s first birthday.  The Botanical Gardens couldn’t have been a better choice; it was quiet on a Saturday morning, and there was more than enough space for us to explore and scoot around!  The relationship between the three siblings was beautiful to behold, and we had such a lovely relaxed and fun time together.  And isn’t baby an absolute poppet!?! Here are a few of my highlights, with love.


steph-oliver-beech-photography-sheffield-family-2 steph-oliver-beech-photography-sheffield-family-6

steph-oliver-beech-photography-sheffield-family-3 steph-oliver-beech-photography-sheffield-family-5

steph-oliver-beech-photography-sheffield-family-4 steph-oliver-beech-photography-sheffield-family-7





Autumn fun in Clumber Park

Take some out-of-this-world autumn colours at Clumber Park, lovely sisters and cousins reunited from the other side of the world, and a generous helping of muddy mayhem…

And get this.

I love these photos so much.  What a wonderful relaxed family shoot we had, precious moments and precious memories.


clumber-kids-steph-oliver-beech-photography-2 clumber-kids-steph-oliver-beech-photography-5 clumber-kids-steph-oliver-beech-photography-9


I love the children’s fascination with things we adults might not even have noticed.


Those curls and autumnal colours.  A gift to this photographer!

clumber-kids-steph-oliver-beech-photography-7 clumber-kids-steph-oliver-beech-photography-26 clumber-kids-steph-oliver-beech-photography-12

I see a real resemblance in these boys.  This visit has been their first opportunity to meet 🙂

clumber-kids-steph-oliver-beech-photography-13 clumber-kids-steph-oliver-beech-photography-14

Clumber Park really put on a show for us… You’ll never get this in a studio.


clumber-kids-steph-oliver-beech-photography-24 clumber-kids-steph-oliver-beech-photography-20 clumber-kids-steph-oliver-beech-photography-17

clumber-kids-steph-oliver-beech-photography-21 clumber-kids-steph-oliver-beech-photography-25 clumber-kids-steph-oliver-beech-photography-19

clumber-kids-steph-oliver-beech-photography-29 clumber-kids-steph-oliver-beech-photography-30 clumber-kids-steph-oliver-beech-photography-28

And so good of the National Trust to set this little scene up just for us…;-)


clumber-kids-steph-oliver-beech-photography-34 clumber-kids-steph-oliver-beech-photography-36

clumber-kids-steph-oliver-beech-photography-46 clumber-kids-steph-oliver-beech-photography-55

Autumn is almost finished and I’m just glad to have seen so much of it this year.

New baby at home

It’s always an incredibly special time when a new baby is at home.   I was so thrilled to be able to join this gorgeous family at home with their baby only two weeks old.  Isn’t he beautiful – and his big brother too 🙂  Such a contented little soul, this clever baby had brought his big brother lots of new toys to play with, so we had loads of fun along the way…

Here are a few of my favourite shots from our morning together.


new-baby-photoshoot-at-home-1 new-baby-photoshoot-at-home-4

new-baby-photoshoot-at-home-3 new-baby-photoshoot-at-home-9 new-baby-photoshoot-at-home-2


new-baby-photoshoot-at-home-10 new-baby-photoshoot-at-home-11

new-baby-photoshoot-at-home-7 new-baby-photoshoot-at-home-6

new-baby-photoshoot-at-home-12 new-baby-photoshoot-at-home-13

City shoot with Sheffield Sling Surgery

I’m proud to be the official photographer for the Sheffield Sling Surgery, and have been collaborating with Dr Rosie Knowles all year on images that celebrate and promote babywearing in Sheffield.  As a parent and long-time sling user (must get my mum to dig out the photos of me in my own sling circa 1981!) I feel a great sense of fulfillment in taking these photos, and reflecting a small part of the diversity that makes this wonderful city called Sheffield.  I would like to thank all of my gorgeous models once again for their time, energy and good humour on this shoot – I hope you love your images as much as I do.  Readers, please note – not one baby cried at any point in the whole afternoon – think the slings were working their magic! 🙂

All images taken on location around Sheffield City Centre, Kelham Island and the Millennium Gallery, courtesy Museums Sheffield

Here we are getting set and hoping the rain will hold off…


steph-oliver-beech-photography-sheffield-sling-surgery-city-shoot-1 steph-oliver-beech-photography-sheffield-sling-surgery-city-shoot-9 steph-oliver-beech-photography-sheffield-sling-surgery-city-shoot-8

steph-oliver-beech-photography-sheffield-sling-surgery-city-shoot-5 steph-oliver-beech-photography-sheffield-sling-surgery-city-shoot-7

steph-oliver-beech-photography-sheffield-sling-surgery-city-shoot-6 steph-oliver-beech-photography-sheffield-sling-surgery-city-shoot-4

I can’t give you all the reasons why slings are great – other people write whole books on the subject (Rosie…!) – but the photos above and below show you two pretty good ones – hugging both your children at once, and having your hands free to write with ease! 🙂


steph-oliver-beech-photography-sheffield-sling-surgery-city-shoot-9 steph-oliver-beech-photography-sheffield-sling-surgery-city-shoot-10

steph-oliver-beech-photography-sheffield-sling-surgery-city-shoot-11 steph-oliver-beech-photography-sheffield-sling-surgery-city-shoot-13

I can’t tell you how much I love these next images of this young Sheffield family.




steph-oliver-beech-photography-sheffield-sling-surgery-city-shoot-18 steph-oliver-beech-photography-sheffield-sling-surgery-city-shoot-17 steph-oliver-beech-photography-sheffield-sling-surgery-city-shoot-16



Rosie listening to her daughter – isn’t this sweet?


I learned these guys live just up the road from me – Sheffield the city-village again! Road-testing a new sling in the surgery here…

steph-oliver-beech-photography-sheffield-sling-surgery-city-shoot-27 steph-oliver-beech-photography-sheffield-sling-surgery-city-shoot-29


This little guy loves the camera!  Here he is getting tucked into the faithful Connecta with Daddy 🙂


steph-oliver-beech-photography-sheffield-sling-surgery-city-shoot-31 steph-oliver-beech-photography-sheffield-sling-surgery-city-shoot-32


steph-oliver-beech-photography-sheffield-sling-surgery-city-shoot-22 steph-oliver-beech-photography-sheffield-sling-surgery-city-shoot-34 steph-oliver-beech-photography-sheffield-sling-surgery-city-shoot-23

Feeding on the go….


steph-oliver-beech-photography-sheffield-sling-surgery-city-shoot-36 steph-oliver-beech-photography-sheffield-sling-surgery-city-shoot-38


steph-oliver-beech-photography-sheffield-sling-surgery-city-shoot-43 steph-oliver-beech-photography-sheffield-sling-surgery-city-shoot-40 steph-oliver-beech-photography-sheffield-sling-surgery-city-shoot-44


steph-oliver-beech-photography-sheffield-sling-surgery-city-shoot-45 steph-oliver-beech-photography-sheffield-sling-surgery-city-shoot-46 steph-oliver-beech-photography-sheffield-sling-surgery-city-shoot-51

steph-oliver-beech-photography-sheffield-sling-surgery-city-shoot-47 steph-oliver-beech-photography-sheffield-sling-surgery-city-shoot-48

Escalators…? Say no more!

steph-oliver-beech-photography-sheffield-sling-surgery-city-shoot-49 steph-oliver-beech-photography-sheffield-sling-surgery-city-shoot-42

Ditto steps and umbrellas….!  Ever tried wrestling with a pushchair up a flight of steps in the rain?  Say no more!

steph-oliver-beech-photography-sheffield-sling-surgery-city-shoot-50 steph-oliver-beech-photography-sheffield-sling-surgery-city-shoot-54 steph-oliver-beech-photography-sheffield-sling-surgery-city-shoot-55 steph-oliver-beech-photography-sheffield-sling-surgery-city-shoot-58

These expressions are all natural – round about this point we realised a huge thunderstorm was approaching!


steph-oliver-beech-photography-sheffield-sling-surgery-city-shoot-56 steph-oliver-beech-photography-sheffield-sling-surgery-city-shoot-52 steph-oliver-beech-photography-sheffield-sling-surgery-city-shoot-53

Just enough time to say bye to everyone before the heavens opened.

steph-oliver-beech-photography-sheffield-sling-surgery-city-shoot-60 steph-oliver-beech-photography-sheffield-sling-surgery-city-shoot-59

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Toddler Tula mini-shoot

Anyone who has been watching my photography will know that I’m very keen on capturing babywearing images. In fact, when I first set myself up as a ‘proper’ photographer (I’d always been taking pictures, mind you) my dream was to offer babywearing portraiture. I know how important – and special – slings become to parents and their children – after all, I’ve pretty much had a baby or toddler strapped to me for the last five years as well. It is SO much more than a means of transport. It enables a connection, heart to heart, a place of safety, of intimacy, of interaction and interest, joy and humour, and reassurance, of rest and calm. Can you tell it’s hard to put into words.  There aren’t enough adjectives!  Something this special shouldn’t be left to occasional blurry selfies. These are the photos that we’ll want to look back on in 30 years and be transported to those feelings, those memories.

Yet – in the process of developing my photography, I’ve taken fewer pictures of my own loved ones. Here’s a very mini shoot to slightly redress the balance.  The light on Saturday evening was so clear and soft yet with August here it is already fading fast.


L-2 L-4


L-6 L-8 L-7



Sue’s 70th birthday celebration

I always enjoy photographing family gatherings – and this was a very special occasion indeed, celebrating the lovely Sue’s 70th birthday!  Four beautiful grandchildren, and a lot of laughter in this scenic Sheffield garden, ensured there was so much to photograph I could have stayed long into the night… Here are just a few of my favourite shots from our party.


G&S-1 G&S-3

G&S-6 G&S-5 G&S-2


G&S-10 G&S-18 G&S-8


G&S-24 G&S-15 G&S-25

G&S-4 G&S-20

G&S-19 G&S-21 G&S-9

G&S-16 G&S-17



Christening at Handsworth Methodist Church

My first proper visit to Handsworth Methodist Church in Sheffield earlier this year, and what a treat – a beautiful Christening service for three treasured siblings, surrounded by family, friends and community.  The Church has been painstakingly renovated in recent years, making it a warm and inviting space for all.  Here are some of my favourite shots from the whole day.


chmc-2 chmc-5 chmc-6


chmc-7 chmc-10 chmc-9

chmc-8 chmc-14

chmc-10 chmc-11 chmc-12


chmc-3 chmc-15


chmc-17 chmc-21 chmc-20



chmc-22 chmc-18


chmc-29 chmc-31 chmc-35

chmc-36 chmc-37





Fun on the farm

Mud.  Beautiful horses and all manner of livestock.  Fresh eggs.  Great views.  A well-stocked snack cupboard.  What’s not to love about a day on the farm?!  First up is Holly, the farm dog, resting under the egg table.  I didn’t realise it at the time but she was actually pregnant, and now has 8 lovely puppies!


I love all the textures of the farm.  Old bricks and smooth steel.

FarmLo-12 FarmLo-11 FarmLo-1

Poppy the horse had spotted one of her friends / field-mates ahead… perfect situation for a portrait!

FarmLo-5 FarmLo-6

FarmLo-7  FarmLo-3 FarmLo-8

FarmLo-4 FarmLo-9 FarmLo-2

Hello baby!

Remember one of my ‘at-home’ photoshoots with a gorgeous expectant family last summer…? Well, their beautiful baby girl is now here, so let’s catch up!

Warning to those of a broody disposition – this post contains images of a seriously cute nature!

New baby shoot at home-1 New baby shoot at home-18

New baby shoot at home-7 New baby shoot at home-8 New baby shoot at home-6

New baby shoot at home-4 New baby shoot at home-3 New baby shoot at home-2

Here’s the proud big brother… adorable as ever!

New baby shoot at home-13 New baby shoot at home-14

And so amazingly sweet and gentle with his baby sister…

New baby shoot at home-16 New baby shoot at home-24New baby shoot at home-15 New baby shoot at home-17

Love this one!

New baby shoot at home-20

New baby shoot at home-21 New baby shoot at home-19 New baby shoot at home-22

New baby shoot at home-23

Baby had a surprise up her sleeve for us all just as this photo was being taken….!  Time for a costume change maybe.  And a nap.  Always a nap.  Sweet dreams little sweetheart.

New baby shoot at home-25 New baby shoot at home-27

New baby shoot at home-26


Cousins in Millhouses Park

An overcast morning and the boating lake had only just thawed … but it couldn’t hold back this fabulous family of cousins, ranging from 7 weeks to 13 years in age!

Cousins Millhouses Park-1

Cousins Millhouses Park-6 Cousins Millhouses Park-9 Cousins Millhouses Park-3

Cousins Millhouses Park-7

Cousins Millhouses Park-12 Cousins Millhouses Park-13 Cousins Millhouses Park-15 Cousins Millhouses Park-16

Cousins Millhouses Park-10 Cousins Millhouses Park-2 Cousins Millhouses Park-11

Hot chocolate and pumpkins

Didn’t want this shoot to end… these two were such fun to be around and so good in front of the camera!  They are beautiful children and it was a delight to spend a couple of hours just hanging out together and exploring their world.  It’s been so hard to choose my favourite photographs for this blog post…

Family at home autumn-36

Family at home autumn-43

Family at home autumn-44 Family at home autumn-42 Family at home autumn-39 Family at home autumn-41

Family at home autumn-27 Family at home autumn-30 Family at home autumn-31 Family at home autumn-32

Family at home autumn-52

Family at home autumn-29 Family at home autumn-28 Family at home autumn-37 Family at home autumn-51

Family at home autumn-48

Family at home autumn-49 Family at home autumn-34 Family at home autumn-46

Family at home autumn-47 Family at home autumn-54 Family at home autumn-26

Everybody together in Clumber Park

A gorgeous autumn day in Clumber Park, Nottinghamshire – with an extended family to match!  Here are a few of my favourite shots from our lovely afternoon together….

Family Clumber shoot-19

Family Clumber shoot-5 Family Clumber shoot-9

Family Clumber shoot-10 Family Clumber shoot-13

Family Clumber shoot-8


Family Clumber shoot-4 Family Clumber shoot-3 Family Clumber shoot-17

Family Clumber shoot-15

Family Clumber shoot-11 Family Clumber shoot-2 Family Clumber shoot-7 Family Clumber shoot-6

Family Clumber shoot-14 Family Clumber shoot-1 Family Clumber shoot-16 Family Clumber shoot-18

At home with Rachael and Dave

I was lucky enough to be able to spend a little time with this gorgeous, growing family at a really special and significant moment – counting down to the arrival of a new baby.  It turned out that the camera just loves them all… And no doubt the next little one will be just as adorable as this lovely big brother in-waiting!

Rachael & Dave-5 Rachael & Dave-1  Rachael & Dave-6 Rachael & Dave-2

Rachael & Dave-4 Rachael & Dave-3Rachael & Dave-7 Rachael & Dave-8 Rachael & Dave-12

Rachael & Dave-11

Rachael & Dave-9 Rachael & Dave-18 Rachael & Dave-10

Rachael & Dave-13

Rachael & Dave-15 Rachael & Dave-14

Rachael & Dave-17 Rachael & Dave-19 Rachael & Dave-21 Rachael & Dave-16

Rachael & Dave-20



Family shoot with Laura and James

Here we are at home with Laura, James and their beautiful children for a relaxed family photoshoot.  Play time with this family was such fun that I had to keep remembering to take the pictures…..  Enjoy!

Laura and James-1

 Laura and James-24 Laura and James-6 Laura and James-16 Laura and James-3 Laura and James-18 Laura and James-4Laura and James-5

Laura and James-2 Laura and James-26 Laura and James-11

Laura and James-9

 Laura and James-10

Laura and James-7

Laura and James-13 Laura and James-15 Laura and James-14

Laura and James-30 Laura and James-20 Laura and James-29

Laura and James-17

Laura and James-28 Laura and James-27Laura and James-21

Laura and James-22