Hello baby!

Remember one of my ‘at-home’ photoshoots with a gorgeous expectant family last summer…? Well, their beautiful baby girl is now here, so let’s catch up!

Warning to those of a broody disposition – this post contains images of a seriously cute nature!

New baby shoot at home-1 New baby shoot at home-18

New baby shoot at home-7 New baby shoot at home-8 New baby shoot at home-6

New baby shoot at home-4 New baby shoot at home-3 New baby shoot at home-2

Here’s the proud big brother… adorable as ever!

New baby shoot at home-13 New baby shoot at home-14

And so amazingly sweet and gentle with his baby sister…

New baby shoot at home-16 New baby shoot at home-24New baby shoot at home-15 New baby shoot at home-17

Love this one!

New baby shoot at home-20

New baby shoot at home-21 New baby shoot at home-19 New baby shoot at home-22

New baby shoot at home-23

Baby had a surprise up her sleeve for us all just as this photo was being taken….!  Time for a costume change maybe.  And a nap.  Always a nap.  Sweet dreams little sweetheart.

New baby shoot at home-25 New baby shoot at home-27

New baby shoot at home-26


Janine Dyer

Thrilled to be able to share these pictures of my gorgeous friend – and gospel singer par excellence – Janine Dyer.  If you don’t recognise her yet, it won’t be long before you do… she is a contestant on BBC One’s The Voice 2016 and I have every faith she can go all the way!  Switch on this coming Saturday, 16 January, to catch her first audition… Meanwhile, I’ve been lucky enough to sing with Janine on her Sheffield Community Choir for a couple of years, so I knew we’d have a laugh on this shoot and I was anticipating some great images to come from it.  I wasn’t wrong.  You’ll see that Janine was a really good sport, and is incredibly photogenic and natural in front of the camera.  It was a blessing to work with her and bring you these beautiful shots of a truly fabulous lady!

Images taken on location at one of my favourite places in this city, The Millennium Gallery, courtesy of Museums Sheffield …. with a few at my old piano at home.  Watch out for the dodgy keys Janine!

Starting off inside the Millennium Gallery, home to great art, craft and design right in the redeveloped heart of Sheffield.

Janine-5  Janine-3

Janine-8 Janine-24 Janine-29

These escalators are nothing like the London Underground… No need to keep to the right up here love!

Janine-33 Janine-34

Here is one of my absolute favourites…. Being a January afternoon in Yorkshire, it was pretty much raining, but we found enough shelter and wonderful wistful light for a stunning portrait.


Janine-14 Janine-11

Back to mine for a much-needed brew, a chocolate biscuit or two and a little go on the piano…

Janine-48 Janine-55

Janine, wishing you all the luck in this world and beyond – and if you ever need a slightly-out-of-tune piano to practice on, you know where to come! 😀

Cousins in Millhouses Park

An overcast morning and the boating lake had only just thawed … but it couldn’t hold back this fabulous family of cousins, ranging from 7 weeks to 13 years in age!

Cousins Millhouses Park-1

Cousins Millhouses Park-6 Cousins Millhouses Park-9 Cousins Millhouses Park-3

Cousins Millhouses Park-7

Cousins Millhouses Park-12 Cousins Millhouses Park-13 Cousins Millhouses Park-15 Cousins Millhouses Park-16

Cousins Millhouses Park-10 Cousins Millhouses Park-2 Cousins Millhouses Park-11

Hot chocolate and pumpkins

Didn’t want this shoot to end… these two were such fun to be around and so good in front of the camera!  They are beautiful children and it was a delight to spend a couple of hours just hanging out together and exploring their world.  It’s been so hard to choose my favourite photographs for this blog post…

Family at home autumn-36

Family at home autumn-43

Family at home autumn-44 Family at home autumn-42 Family at home autumn-39 Family at home autumn-41

Family at home autumn-27 Family at home autumn-30 Family at home autumn-31 Family at home autumn-32

Family at home autumn-52

Family at home autumn-29 Family at home autumn-28 Family at home autumn-37 Family at home autumn-51

Family at home autumn-48

Family at home autumn-49 Family at home autumn-34 Family at home autumn-46

Family at home autumn-47 Family at home autumn-54 Family at home autumn-26

Everybody together in Clumber Park

A gorgeous autumn day in Clumber Park, Nottinghamshire – with an extended family to match!  Here are a few of my favourite shots from our lovely afternoon together….

Family Clumber shoot-19

Family Clumber shoot-5 Family Clumber shoot-9

Family Clumber shoot-10 Family Clumber shoot-13

Family Clumber shoot-8


Family Clumber shoot-4 Family Clumber shoot-3 Family Clumber shoot-17

Family Clumber shoot-15

Family Clumber shoot-11 Family Clumber shoot-2 Family Clumber shoot-7 Family Clumber shoot-6

Family Clumber shoot-14 Family Clumber shoot-1 Family Clumber shoot-16 Family Clumber shoot-18

At home with Rachael and Dave

I was lucky enough to be able to spend a little time with this gorgeous, growing family at a really special and significant moment – counting down to the arrival of a new baby.  It turned out that the camera just loves them all… And no doubt the next little one will be just as adorable as this lovely big brother in-waiting!

Rachael & Dave-5 Rachael & Dave-1  Rachael & Dave-6 Rachael & Dave-2

Rachael & Dave-4 Rachael & Dave-3Rachael & Dave-7 Rachael & Dave-8 Rachael & Dave-12

Rachael & Dave-11

Rachael & Dave-9 Rachael & Dave-18 Rachael & Dave-10

Rachael & Dave-13

Rachael & Dave-15 Rachael & Dave-14

Rachael & Dave-17 Rachael & Dave-19 Rachael & Dave-21 Rachael & Dave-16

Rachael & Dave-20



Family shoot with Laura and James

Here we are at home with Laura, James and their beautiful children for a relaxed family photoshoot.  Play time with this family was such fun that I had to keep remembering to take the pictures…..  Enjoy!

Laura and James-1

 Laura and James-24 Laura and James-6 Laura and James-16 Laura and James-3 Laura and James-18 Laura and James-4Laura and James-5

Laura and James-2 Laura and James-26 Laura and James-11

Laura and James-9

 Laura and James-10

Laura and James-7

Laura and James-13 Laura and James-15 Laura and James-14

Laura and James-30 Laura and James-20 Laura and James-29

Laura and James-17

Laura and James-28 Laura and James-27Laura and James-21

Laura and James-22

Little cat lover

Some friends came to visit last weekend… Their very sweet daughter was a great fan of our elderly cat Willow.  Here she is after a little cuddle with the cat!