At home with Rachael and Dave

I was lucky enough to be able to spend a little time with this gorgeous, growing family at a really special and significant moment – counting down to the arrival of a new baby.  It turned out that the camera just loves them all… And no doubt the next little one will be just as adorable as this lovely big brother in-waiting!

Rachael & Dave-5 Rachael & Dave-1  Rachael & Dave-6 Rachael & Dave-2

Rachael & Dave-4 Rachael & Dave-3Rachael & Dave-7 Rachael & Dave-8 Rachael & Dave-12

Rachael & Dave-11

Rachael & Dave-9 Rachael & Dave-18 Rachael & Dave-10

Rachael & Dave-13

Rachael & Dave-15 Rachael & Dave-14

Rachael & Dave-17 Rachael & Dave-19 Rachael & Dave-21 Rachael & Dave-16

Rachael & Dave-20