Cousins in Millhouses Park

An overcast morning and the boating lake had only just thawed … but it couldn’t hold back this fabulous family of cousins, ranging from 7 weeks to 13 years in age!

Cousins Millhouses Park-1

Cousins Millhouses Park-6 Cousins Millhouses Park-9 Cousins Millhouses Park-3

Cousins Millhouses Park-7

Cousins Millhouses Park-12 Cousins Millhouses Park-13 Cousins Millhouses Park-15 Cousins Millhouses Park-16

Cousins Millhouses Park-10 Cousins Millhouses Park-2 Cousins Millhouses Park-11

Hot chocolate and pumpkins

Didn’t want this shoot to end… these two were such fun to be around and so good in front of the camera!  They are beautiful children and it was a delight to spend a couple of hours just hanging out together and exploring their world.  It’s been so hard to choose my favourite photographs for this blog post…

Family at home autumn-36

Family at home autumn-43

Family at home autumn-44 Family at home autumn-42 Family at home autumn-39 Family at home autumn-41

Family at home autumn-27 Family at home autumn-30 Family at home autumn-31 Family at home autumn-32

Family at home autumn-52

Family at home autumn-29 Family at home autumn-28 Family at home autumn-37 Family at home autumn-51

Family at home autumn-48

Family at home autumn-49 Family at home autumn-34 Family at home autumn-46

Family at home autumn-47 Family at home autumn-54 Family at home autumn-26

Everybody together in Clumber Park

A gorgeous autumn day in Clumber Park, Nottinghamshire – with an extended family to match!  Here are a few of my favourite shots from our lovely afternoon together….

Family Clumber shoot-19

Family Clumber shoot-5 Family Clumber shoot-9

Family Clumber shoot-10 Family Clumber shoot-13

Family Clumber shoot-8


Family Clumber shoot-4 Family Clumber shoot-3 Family Clumber shoot-17

Family Clumber shoot-15

Family Clumber shoot-11 Family Clumber shoot-2 Family Clumber shoot-7 Family Clumber shoot-6

Family Clumber shoot-14 Family Clumber shoot-1 Family Clumber shoot-16 Family Clumber shoot-18